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Your truly tailored eXtranet

Rein in spend, boost visibility, bring people together, increase engagement – whatever you’re hoping to achieve, you can build it in Eversource.

Choose one module, choose them all

Designed for multi-branch and franchised organisations, Eversource is highly customisable to your business.

News and communications

Newsletters, articles, policies, upcoming events, emergency updates – get the word out, build connection and break down silos with one central portal.

  • Fast emergency updates
  • Improved policy adoption
  • Multiple languages

Tailored Procure-to-Pay

Add your suppliers to reduce costs, control your customer experience and make it easy for franchisees and managers to buy what they need. Your virtual private marketplace.

  • Your selected products from your suppliers
  • Easy access, better engagement
  • ESG initiatives

Brand packs and local marketing

Empower managers and franchisees to respond to their local market with messages and tactics they know will work. Brand packs make it simpler for them, whilst guarding your brand integrity. Share proven success from one region to others.

  • Enable local knowledge
  • Simplify marketing
  • Protect your brand

Policies, docs and best practices

Improve compliance with access to evergreen content, company templates, policy documents and best practice guides. Link to other sites and applications, with password pass-through.

  • Enhance awareness
  • Upskill people faster
  • Everyone on the same page

Feedback and surveys

Hear from your network regularly with quick polls or more detailed Q&A. Capture their attention as they access the portal. Extend to online conversations to boost participation further. Collate expressions of interest and manage nominations.

  • Stay connected
  • Know what’s important
  • Leverage their knowledge

Paperless invoicing

Eliminate manual paperwork, reduce errors, and speed up approval times. Go green and boost your efficiency with a solution that's both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Reduce manual work
  • Cut printing costs

Inventory management

Gain full control of your inventory with our seamless integrated solution. Achieve accurate tracking and efficient restocking to optimize your supply chain with ease and precision.

  • Always know your stock levels
  • Anticipate demand and stay ahead
  • Keep inventory at perfect levels

Reporting and analytics

Pull analytics and have reports delivered in formats that makes sense to you and your network – the answers you need from a source you can trust. Visibility across who's sourcing what. And who's not!

  • Information vs data
  • Real-time overview
  • Help your network grow


Work with the systems you already have – with easy ERP integrations - providing greater flexibility and swifter timelines to configure how you wish.

  • Save time and money
  • Bring all software together
  • SAP, Shopify, 3PL and more

Campaign management

Make it simple to create, source and allocate materials to the right place at the right time. Coordinate teams across a variety of steps, key dates and responsibilities. Save time and facilitate regular, laborious tasks.

  • Always order just enough
  • Ideal for Marketing Point of Sale
  • Personalised timelines

Supply contract management

Streamline how you assess and manage supplier contracts, across all types of products and services. Remove the administration burden for internal stakeholders and your suppliers. Quantify and audit your ESG standards.

  • Clever SRM built in
  • Always choose the right suppliers
  • Monitor performance

Procurement services

At our core, we're not just about streamlining your processes; we're all about giving you the personalized support you need.

  • Tailored services to meet your needs
  • Get up and running quickly
  • Maximize on benefits

Build your own

e-Procurement, but better

Connect your people to your suppliers your way, making it easy to buy preferred products with preferential pricing.

Intelligent Comms centre

Keep branches and franchises up to date and connected while adding more control and visibility.

One source for your everything

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