Distributed sales teams run bespoke, traceable, on-brand promotions with Eversource

Shift from wasteful bulk-ordering to targeted and efficient promotions. Reps can focus on selling while leaders see accurate cost allocation and ESG performance.

Powering distributed sales teams at world-leading brands

“Eversource transformed our distributed sales operations, reducing waste, boosting efficiency, and lifting the energy of salespeople across our regions.”

- Jamie Russell

Your distributed sales team is slowed down by logistical bottlenecks, wasted materials, and poor supply chain visibility

Sales reps want to build relationships and create experiences for customers, but spend just 28% of their week selling.

They’re bogged down by siloed information, logistical barriers, and complex legacy systems.

Leaders want to drive efficiency and ESG performance across the supply chain, but 37% say a lack of reporting is a barrier.

They’re kept in the dark by siloed data, wasteful procurement processes, and poor supply chain software integration.

Brand and marketing managers want to ensure every campaign is brand-compliant, but only 31% of brand guidelines are consistently enforced.

Without one source of truth they have to police everyone’s work, or risk customer reputation with off-brand promotions.

Eversource unlocks operational efficiency, supply chain visibility, and measurable ESG performance

Tailored Procurement streamlines campaigns and empowers reps.

Instead of inheriting complex bulk orders from legacy CRMs, sales reps can use Eversource to streamline the procurement process by custom-ordering marketing point of sale for specific campaign needs.

Tailored Procurement streamlines campaigns and empowers reps

Instead of inheriting complex bulk orders from legacy CRMs, sales reps can use Eversource to streamline the procurement process by custom-ordering marketing point of sale for specific campaign needs.

Campaign Management enables direct distribution for reduced waste

Head Office creates bespoke campaigns based on correct quantities for each location, enabling reps to send tailored promotion kits directly to customers. Customers retain control over their premises and merchandise isn’t kept in storage or wasted in landfill.

Brand Packs empower regional teams while ensuring compliance

A tailored repository for all brand resources, including verified templates for use across all marketing mediums including social media, radio, and billboards. Easy to upload and update so reps can work independently and while brand managers have peace of mind.

Integration with back-end systems for greater accuracy and straightforward workflows

By seamlessly integrating with legacy systems like SAP, Eversource becomes a simplified front-end for busy reps while syncing data for traceability and compliance activities.

Why Eversource?

Built from decades of experience helping leading companies work efficiently and meaningfully

We’re experts in supply chain management and procurement for large organisations and franchises. We distilled our knowledge and best practices into a supply chain software that maximises user engagement, visibility, and the advantages of procurement initiatives.

So tailored that it feels like a proprietary system

Choose what modules and functions work best for your team and we’ll configure Eversource around your needs and workflows – using your own branding and beyond.

We’ll do the heavy lifting for fast implementation and roll-out

Our specialist developers work quickly to fulfil requirements and work directly with your tech team to ensure a fast and seamless implementation.

We believe better never stops

Eversource facilitates your growth with systems that are scalable, secure, and future-proof. Our team is on the pulse of innovative tech and best practices, so as your workflows continually evolve and improve – know you’re in good company.

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