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Franchisors use Eversource to maximise engagement and compliance while empowering franchisees to grow their business, unlocking quantifiable financial gains for everyone.

Loved by C-suite, brand and comms leaders, regional managers, and business owners at leading franchises:


Lion have been working with Youtopia Technologies since 2010. They approach projects with an open mind, great ideas, with attention to detail and offer a great customised solution. Integration with SAP has saved us alot of time. Their platforms are accessed across many users and departments within Lion and are easy to use. I highly recommend working with the team.

Natalie Corke
Marketing Procurement Manager


We have worked with this team to supply an online ordering system for almost 20 years. They have always been responsive and very easy to deal with during this time.

Clive Biddulph
Fujifilm Business Innovation

Economic and environmental pressures coupled with new technologies are reshaping challenges for franchise networks:

Your customers demand sustainability and ESG performance, but are increasingly discerning about greenwashing.

Fragmented supply chain software prevents tailored, sustainable procurement and the data visibility required to make quantifiable and competitive ESG claims.

Balancing compliance with local entrepreneurship requires support and collaboration, but 31% of franchisees are dissatisfied with communication from franchisors.

Franchisees struggle to engage with clunky off-the-shelf systems and rely on gut instinct, impacting performance, talent retention, and brand experience across locations.

Franchisors need to drive engagement and efficiency, but 57% don’t have a system for monitoring franchisee performance and costs.

Existing systems for franchise network procurement and communications often fail to implement collective buying power, preach best practice, and ensure brand cohesion.

Eversource brings tailored supply chain and comms functions into one platform for franchise networks

Personalised communications portal for franchise news, marketing templates and training resources

Create and distribute relevant resources and news, and control user access based on region or role. By connecting social media pages and analytics, marketing teams can manage campaigns in the same place.

Tailored, sustainable procurement in your own marketplace

Bring verified suppliers and products together, at your negotiated prices, in one franchise storefront that ensures security, compliance, and cost visibility for brand and revenue leaders. Manage non-trade supply chain with approved ordering workflows, empowering franchisees to choose local and sustainable.

Integrated with your ERP infrastructure for real-time reporting and full traceability

Eversource breaks down siloed information so leaders across the franchise network can monitor franchisee engagement, make data-driven decisions and ESG strategies, and identify opportunities for training and support within locations. 

Why Eversource?

Built from decades of experience helping leading companies work efficiently and meaningfully

We’re experts in supply chain management and procurement for multi-branch organisations and franchises. We distilled our knowledge and best practices into a supply chain software that maximises user engagement, visibility, and the advantages of procurement initiatives.

So tailored that it feels like a proprietary system

Choose what modules and functions work best for your team and we’ll configure Eversource around your needs and workflows – using your own branding and beyond.

We’ll do the heavy lifting for fast implementation and roll-out

Our specialist developers work quickly to fulfil requirements and work directly with your tech team to ensure a fast and seamless implementation.

We believe better never stops

Eversource facilitates your growth with systems that are scalable, secure, and future-proof. Our team is on the pulse of innovative tech and best practices, so your workflows continually evolve and improve.

Boost engagement, ESG performance, and business growth with Eversource

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