Senior living e-Procurement software that drives business excellence so you can enrich resident experience

Senior living providers have to meet increasing operational demands in a challenging economy.

Eversource brings flexible, connected, supply chain software to the senior living market.

Deliver the care you’re known for and empower your staff with quantifiable efficiencies across procurement, ESG, training, and marketing.

Helping senior living communities meet diverse resident needs while staying competitive, resilient, and compliant

“Current procurement solutions restrict individuality, sustainability, and efficiency for senior living operators. Eversource is a tailored facilitator, providing an intuitive toolbox and a single point of contact for leaders, staff, and suppliers to do their job accurately and meaningfully.”

– John-G Snaith, Founder & CEO of Eversource

Tailored e-Procurement functions to empower senior living operators, optimise spending, and enhance visibility

Helping senior living communities meet diverse resident needs while staying competitive, resilient, and compliant.

Outdated procurement software restricts agility and flexibility, so procurement teams struggle to adapt to changing financial conditions.

With Eversource, streamline sourcing with a customised platform where you can select from verified suppliers at your negotiated prices. Provide flexibility for local sourcing, allowing operators to easily add or remove suppliers without disrupting operations.

Real-time spending data and forecasting tools for actionable performance insights

Competing with mainstream commercial and residential developers for land and expansion opportunities.

Siloed information within rigid ERP systems prevent seamless coordination and responsiveness to market demands.

Integrating with existing systems, Eversource consolidates data from across your facilities, breaking down information silos. This enables leaders to monitor engagement, make informed and flexible decisions, and identify opportunities for improvement across operations.

Integrated marketing hub to store brand assets and templates for locations to self-serve

Promoting local area marketing without losing visibility or brand compliance.

Senior living staff need access to templates and assets to run brand-compliant initiatives, but existing systems often don’t offer a central hub for promotional materials.

With Eversource, store, share, and approve marketing materials and templates to ensure brand compliance while enabling teams to work proactively. By connecting promotional assets with analytics, marketing teams have visibility and control across all campaigns in one place.

Resource library for promoting best practices and knowledge-sharing across locations

Inconsistent access to training materials and updated brand assets creates tension between leaders enforcing best practice and staff taking initiative.

With Eversource have a single point of contact (SPOC) for company resources, policies, documents and training across senior living centres. Create and distribute relevant information and news, with control over user access based on role and location. Reducing employee turnover and providing quality training and support to staff.

Senior living e-Procurement software for dedicated resident experiences and modern, empowered communities

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