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Where every purchase can be optimised, data-driven, and sustainable

Investing in technology, process optimisation, and sustainability are the top priorities for procurement leaders.

Eversource transforms e-Procurement for optimal efficiency and oversight.

Bring buyers and suppliers into one e-Procurement portal to boost collective buying power, brand compliance, and real-time insights .

Tailored e-Procurement functions to empower teams, minimise spend, and maximise visibility

95% have to outsource procurement to third parties, impacting control and visibility.

Without an end-to-end procurement hub, organisations have to use third party processes. This results in a lack of in-house control, visibility, and brand cohesion.

Streamline sourcing your way with Eversource. Procurement teams buy from verified suppliers at your negotiated prices, ensuring compliance while supporting proactive and accurate decision making. Add or remove suppliers without changing your e-Procurement system.

Integrated communications hub to preach best practice and knowledge-sharing

85% struggle to source sustainable suppliers, which stops them from setting and achieving meaningful ESG targets.

Legacy systems prevent tailored procurement by setting one-size-fits-all requirements across locations, preventing buyers from onboarding sustainable suppliers.  

With Eversource bring procurement teams, suppliers, and leaders together through a single point of contact (SPOC). With communications templates and resources tailored to your brand, you can boost compliance, transparency, and engagement within one brand experience.

Real-time data and reporting tools for more easily quantifiable cost savings and ESG performance

37% report spending too much time gathering supplier information and report data.

Without a centralised procurement system to leverage automation and real-time data, valuable time is spent chasing suppliers and other teams for information.

Eversource integrates with main ERP systems to empower teams with the information that matters to them. Empower your people to make better decisions with precise forecasting, cost allocation, and ESG reports.

Empower your Procurement team with Eversource

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