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Driving efficiency, sustainability, and brand compliance for hospitality leaders:


Lion have been working with Youtopia Technologies since 2010. They approach projects with an open mind, great ideas, with attention to detail and offer a great customised solution. Integration with SAP has saved us alot of time. Their platforms are accessed across many users and departments within Lion and are easy to use. I highly recommend working with the team.

Natalie Corke
Marketing Procurement Manager


We have worked with this team to supply an online ordering system for almost 20 years. They have always been responsive and very easy to deal with during this time.

Clive Biddulph
Fujifilm Business Innovation

Occupancy is recovering, but hoteliers must respond to a complex set of challenges:

Consumers feeling the pinch are choosing to cut back on holidays rather than settle for budget options.

Outdated brand assets and communication channels prevent hotels from appealing to increasingly discerning guests.

Geopolitical instability has resulted in surging supply chain costs for hotels

Procurement teams need systems that facilitate agile sourcing across locations.

Industry regulators, lenders, investors, employees, and customers demand quantifiable ESG performance

Legacy systems prevent green hospitality by setting one-size-fits-all requirements across locations, preventing hoteliers from sourcing sustainably.

Economic turbulence restricts hoteliers from investing in outdated assets

Hotels need full visibility into business performance with precise forecasting tools that inform and reassure stakeholders.

The above are insights from BDO’s “Hotel Britain 2023

Eversource brings supply chain intelligence and comms functions into a centralised hotel e-Procurement portal:

Integrated communications hub to preach best practice and knowledge-sharing across locations

A single point of contact (SPOC) for marketing, training, and reporting across your hotel chain. Share communications templates and brand resources to boosting compliance and engagement while lifting the burden from hotel staff.

Tailored e-Procurement functions to empower hoteliers, minimise spend, and maximise visibility

Streamline sourcing with a branded storefront for hoteliers to buy from your verified suppliers at your negotiated prices. Offer flexibility for local sourcing with the ability to add or remove suppliers without changing systems.

Real-time spending data and forecasting tools for quantifiable performance reports you can access right away

Integrating with your existing ERP system, Eversource breaks down siloed information for leaders across the hotel chain. Effortlessly monitor location engagement, make data-driven decisions, and identify opportunities for training and support.

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Built from decades of experience helping hospitality leaders work efficiently and meaningfully

We’re experts in supply chain management and procurement across hospitality. Eversource combines industry best practices with powerful technology so that hoteliers can provide competitive experiences for less.

So tailored that it feels like a proprietary system

Choose what modules and functions work best for your team and we’ll configure Eversource around your needs, workflows, and brand experience.

We’ll do the heavy lifting for fast implementation and roll-out

Our dedicated team works quickly to fulfill requirements, ensuring a fast and seamless setup.

We believe better never stops

Eversource facilitates your growth with systems that are scalable, secure, and future-proof. Our team is on the pulse of innovative tech and best practices, so your workflows continually evolve and improve.

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