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One place for sourcing, visibility and control

Fragmented legacy software and information silos are major barriers to supply chain resilience and visibility.

Eversource addresses bottlenecks and silos across your supply chain so people can work better together.

Address external and internal challenges across your supply chain by connecting people with suppliers and real-time data in personalised workflows.

Personalised portal for seamless stakeholder engagement

Fragmented systems perpetuate information silos, costing up to 30% revenue annually

Misalignment between stakeholders exacerbates downstream disruptions, delayed decision making, and “blame chains”.

By connecting your leaders, end-users, and suppliers through a single point of contact (SPOC), Eversource enhances engagement, knowledge sharing, and transparency. Configured to your brand guidelines, build strong connections with your suppliers and ensure operational continuity.

Tailored, sustainable procurement functions for supply chain resilience and visibility

Organisations will prioritise sustainable procurement and quantifiable ESG performance, but 65% of procurement leaders have no visibility beyond tier 1 suppliers 

Without end-to-end visibility and control over available suppliers, businesses risk procurement decisions that undermine ESG targets and brand values.

With Eversource there is one login, and one place for your people to independently source what they need from preferred suppliers at your negotiated prices. Managers have full visibility into inventories, historical data, and reporting tools. Customisable to meet your specific needs and workflows.

Real-time reporting and traceability with ERP integration

Supply chain managers need live data to make effective decisions, but 67% of supply chain managers still rely on outdated systems like Excel

Inefficient software restricts procurement teams from working efficiently and responding to live information, preventing the proactive initiatives to save costs and streamline processes.  

Eversource pulls data from your ERP systems to break down silos and empower leaders with the latest information in formats that work for them.

Optimise your supply chain with enhanced control, visibility, and sustainable procurement

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